Sports Science Technology and Philosophy

Sports Science Technology and Philosophy

Sports science technology and our philosophy

Every golfer has their own unique physiology, anatomy, biological systems and neuromotor system which means there can't be a standard swing model or 'swing fixes' for all. Our coaching philosophy will develop your swing around your own individual blueprint to enable you to discover your own efficient and authentic signature swing style.

'Swing like you walk' - Discover your natural swing from within

Do you ever worry about falling over when walking? Probably not and nobody ever taught you to walk. Like all natural action, there's intention and then we improvise in the moment using our subconscious awareness. It's a dynamical interplay of our biological systems which enables us to adapt our movement to our environment and equipment without thinking. Think how you adapt your movement to use a knife and fork, kick a ball, use a sledgehammer, throw a ball, a dart or javelin. Even without instruction you instinctively organise your movement without conscious effort. You might not be the best thrower, kicker or hitter in the world but I guess you'll be pretty effective. The properties of the instrument we're using and the task or intention dictate our movement if we allow our subconscious awareness to function without inhibition. By heightening our attunement to particular elements involved in this process we can start to discover your natural movement with a golf club. And guess what????? It all links to walking!

If we tried copying how somebody else walks or all tried to walk the same it would be unnatural. For the same reason we can't all swing the same, in fact just like walking, we all swing differently and only you know how to do it best. You have your own rhythm, timing, joint movement and style, just like your golf swing.

Think about other sports and I bet you think differently executing those movements than you do your golf swing? Maybe we should allow ourselves to swing a club using the same mindset?

At the Zen Academy we tap into these processes using our MIND-BODY-MOTION approach and can measure your efficiency with our state of the art 3D system, flightscope launch monitor and SAM pressure plate technology. This information allows us to apply methods to enable you to automatically self-organise your golf swing movement to maximum efficiency so you achieve the shots you picture in your mind.

The studio is one of only a small number in the country that offers a combination of this type of analysis with a specialist golf biomechanist. Golf biomechanics is based around optimising your body movement to improve your performance and reduce injury. In fact a large percentage of Marcus’ lessons are aimed at not just improving swing performance but preventing injury or discomfort so golfers can enjoy playing more often. 

It is often assumed that using hi-tech equipment is only for pro’s or low handicappers and can make things more complicated but this is a huge misconception. 

It is actually quite the opposite and is very beneficial for all standards of golfer as it shows your swing in a clear and ‘easy to understand’ way. Together with Marcus’ explanation you will understand exactly what is happening in your swing which produces the shots you are hitting. In fact, you can introduce change with little conscious thought or cueing instead of trying to imitate generic swing positions from a text book or video.

There are coaches who work to set swing models or ideals but our approach is to meet your needs and not expect you to strive to meet our beliefs about how a club should be swung. We want to maximise the efficiency of your skill set and attributes so you develop a functional and natural swing which feels effortless, just like every other movement you make. In fact if we had to think about movement all the time it would be like having our first driving lesson every time we drive our car. Driving would become a chore, mentally fatiguing and no fun at all. A lot of people are applying this approach when they practice and never get out of this conscious and deliberate phase.

Take a look below at how effective and fun FlowMotion can make your golf!