New Members

New Members

New Members

Welcome to Membership of Bawtry Golf Club.

These notes are intended to give you a comprehensive outline of the facilities available at Bawtry Golf Club and hopefully ensure that your membership can be enjoyed to the full. If you would prefer to download this information for future reference, there is an attachment at the bottom of this page. The file is an Adobe PDF file.


There is ample parking. Cars should not be parked in officials’ reserved parking places at any time.Members park their cars at their own risk, the Club cannot accept responsibility for damage or theft. Please ensure that items of value are not left on view.


The Club has ‘Dress Rules’, which are published on notice boards.On certain occasions jackets, collar and tie are specifi ed for various functions. The appropriate dress code will be notified on information about the functions.


There are a certain number of lockers available. There is usually a waiting list. Please see a member of staff about the arrangements for lockers.

The Clubhouse ,Bar.

Can be contacted on Tel: 01302 711409 Bar hours are published on notice boards, these differ from summer to winter months. General catering services are available - sandwiches, snacks, meals etc.

P.G.A Professionals Tel: 01302 710841 Ross Mc Kechnie and Marcus Bell 07791 978025

The Club has two full time professional s, who, provide a complete service to members and visitors.Immediately on becoming a member you should introduce yourself to the Professional.

In addition to a well stocked shop that should satisfy all your golfing needs, he provides golfing tuition, administers to visitors and visiting parties, provides competition score cards,the entry sheet for most competitions and collects the money.

In general the Professionals can advise on all aspects of the Club and course.

The Course

It is the responsibility of every member to be familiar with the Rules of Golf. Although no one is expected to be an expert, we should all have a reasonable general knowledge of the rules and if in any doubt seek official guidance from the Competitions and Handicaps Committee.

There are additional local rules that can be found displayed on notice boards and on the scorecard.

Buggies and trolleys are allowed on the course at most times. The Head Greenkeeper will however impose a trolley ban in times of severe frost or when other extreme conditions, would lead to the course being damaged. . Please ensure that you have a carry-bag with you when you feel these conditions may prevail to ensure you can play on the course.

When trolleys are allowed Members must obey the signs regarding the routes buggies and trolleys are to take

Playing Facilities

Traditionally the Club has a very comprehensive playing calendar. Fixture cards are published annually, usually around the end of March. They are available from the Handicaps and Competitions Committee. They will also be published on the clubs website

Club competitions are as follows:

Saturday/ Sunday Competition of the Day All day competitions all year round.

The competition may take several formats but is normally medal or stableford. On occasions the competition may be a ‘Better Ball’
i.e. A partnership where your partner may be of your choice, or by a draw.

All day competitions are also held during the week. See fi xture list or the sheet outside the pro-shop for details.

In addition , the Club has ‘friendly’ fixtures with other Golf Clubs. Ladies section, Seniors and Rabbits have friendly matches with Golf
Clubs from the surrounding area.

The Club is a member of the Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs (through which we are affi liated to the English Golf Union, the highest
governing body and are responsible for the handicapping system).

We are also a member of the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs, which is our local governing body.

Both the above organisations have competitions available to enter both at home and away and both have a ‘County’ or ‘Associate’
members section, where for a small annual subscription members have the opportunity to play on away courses throughout Yorkshire.

If you are interested please see the notice board in the locker room for more information. As regards the Sheffield Union Members
Association. Mr. George Currant will provide you with information.

During Club competitions the Committee also runs a ‘Two’s’ Competition. As the name suggests, if you card a gross two on any hole
during the club competition, you have a share in the total pool-paid The money is given in vouchers by the Handicap and
Competitions Committee.

How to Enter Competitions

Saturday and Sunday Competitions
Enter name on Handicap Computer in foyer to book your tee time. These are available two weeks prior to the competition
day. On the day follow the procedure below.

Club Competitions of the Day
Enter in the Pro-Shop. Sign competition sheet, Pay fee, Optional Two’s

Annual Trophies (enter in foyer)
Enter by filling in sheets to book your tee time, then follow procedures above

Club Friendly Matches i.e Rabbits, Seniors etc
Enter by filling in form provided by the different sections that will be posted on the notice board. Teams are selected by the Captain or Team Organiser of the appropriate section

S.U.G.C / Y.U.G.C

How to enter will be posted on the Club Notice Board

S.U.G.C League Matches

Scratch League, Selection by Team Manager

5 Day Members
Weekend competitions are obviously not available to fi ve-day members. There are mid-week competitions and Majors in which
5-Day members can play.

Competition Prizes

Under ordinary circumstances Competition prizes are paid in vouchers to spend in the Professional’s shop.

Prizes do not have to be ‘cashed in’ at any particular time and can be held on to in order to build up the value etc.

If you wish the vouchers can be retained by the Handicap and Competitions Committee to keep them safe as you accumulate them
for a larger prize.

In other circumstances Competition prizes may be displayed and presented on the occasion. e.g. Captain’s Day,Captain’s Inaugral
and Captain’s Charity Days. Such prizes will only be presented at the Presentation Evening. Failure to attend or send apologies could
result in the prize being forfeit.

Annual Trophy Competitions, Majors, are presented at an Annual Prize Presentation the date of which is usually in November.


In order to take advantage of any of the above competitions you must have an offi cial CONGU handicap.

If you have been a member of another Golf Club, then a Certifi cate of Handicap from the Club, if current, will be accepted.

If you are still a member of another Golf Club then you must decide which is to be your home Club and thus your handicapping
authority and inform the Handicap and Competitions Committee of your decision.

In all cases if you have held a handicap from any Club or organisation then you should have informed the Secretary on your
application for membership. This may have some relevance in assessing your current handicap.

Unless you are still a member of another Club or have produced a Certifi cate of Handicap from another Club to obtain an Official
Handicap a member shall submit three cards to the Handicap Committee. (Place your 3 score cards, stapled together in the box
provided for score cards in the Club House clearly marking them for handicapping purposes.)

These three cards should be marked and signed by a full member of one years standing who has a current C.O.N.G.U. handicap.

Having been handicapped and entered into our computer records, your name and handicap will be printed out and displayed in the
glass case in the Locker Room.

Club rules state that members should play at least three Qualifying Score Competitions per annum in order to enter for annual

N.B. Under the Handicapping system it is a player’s obligation to ensure that all Competition cards whether or not complete are
returned to the Handicap and Competitions Committee. Failure to do so can have a detrimental effect on the competition scratch
score and hence prizes.

There are of course many different competitions too numerous to mention here. However the Competitions Committee and
Professional will gladly answer queries or advise on any aspect of the game.

Sections within the Club- see separate booklet for contact names.

Ladies Section – obviously only for the ladies.

Much of the general information in these pages applies to all sections of the Club including the ladies, but they are responsible for
their own competitions and have their own committee to run the section.

They play the majority of their competitions on a Sunday, 1st tee at 11.00 a.m., or a Wednesday 1st tee time at 10.00 a.m..

They are members of the Yorkshire Ladies Golf Association. Many ladies do take part in County organised events.

They enter ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams in the county inter-club leagues and play a regular programme of friendly matches against other local

As with any golfer the ladies play the actual game according to the rules of the R & A but in all other considerations they are
governed by the Ladies Golf Union. The CONGU system is used for handicapping the same as the men.

Much more detailed information about handicaps and the way to enter competitions etc. is available to ladies joining the section

Rabbits Section – available to anyone within the Handicap range of 16 to 28

The Rabbits have their own Captain and Secretary and these organise competitions. They belong to local Associations and arrange fixtures between different Clubs. They also have an annual knockout Competition.
Information on the section can be found in the foyer.

Seniors – open to all those over 55 years of age.

The Seniors have their own Captain and Committee. They run their own competitions and arrange many fi xtures with other Clubs.
Information on the section can be found in the foyer. Further information is also included in this package.

Junior Section – junior membership is up to the age of 18.

The Juniors have their own organiser who runs friendly competitions internally and with other Clubs. The Juniors also play in Sheffield Union Tournaments.

Sheffield Union and Yorkshire Competitions.

These are open to the low handicap players. The Team Manager makes selection for teams. The Professional will willingly give you
more details if you are interested.

Information on how individuals can be involved in various fixtures can be found on the noticeboards in the foyer.


The Club allows visitors and visiting parties the use of the facilities at certain times. Green Fees provide an essential part of the Club’s revenue. The Professional can provide the rules and restrictions governing visitors.

Members are allowed to bring visitors to the Club at a reduced Green Fee and may bring a maximum of 3 guests per occasion on
the understanding that they are accompanied.

The Professional deals with casual visitors and member’s guests on the Club’s behalf, collecting Green Fees, taking advance bookings


The status of the Club Captain

The position of Captain, at any Golf Club, is of great importance. He is the titular head of the Club during the year of office and
presides on all occasions.

Traditionally, he is addressed as Captain and afforded every respect the position deserves both on and off the course.

Etiquette demands that on the course the captain must be given precedence on the first tee and should be offered the courtesy of
all others i.e. You and your playing partners should stand aside and allow the captain and his party to play through.

Slow Play

Please note that it is every member’s responsibility to ensure that his or her party is maintaining its place on the course.

If you lose your place then you should allow people playing behind you to play through.

It can be very frustrating playing behind or in the company of slow players – ensure that you are not the guilty party.


Hopefully most problems will be solved before going to Committee or reaching this stage by discussion and gentle persuasion .

Whilst golf related matters concerning ‘Club Members’ can and must be dealt with by the Members Section Committee or sub-committees there may be times when a members behaviour is unsatisfactory and goes beyond the remit of the Members Section. This document attempts to defi
ne these occasions and suggest how the owners and members can work together to find a resolution to such a problem.

1. A member may resign membership privileges in the Club by delivering to the Club a thirty (30) day written notice of resignation. Upon receipt
of the written resignation, and return of the membership cards, the membership shall be deemed resigned upon payment of any and all outstanding
fees. A membership may be suspended or terminated by the Club if, in the sole judgment of the Club, the member:
(a) submitted false information on the Application for Membership, which if had been truthfully disclosed, would have rendered the application
ineligible for that form of membership; (e.g. applies for country membership when not applicable.)
(b) permits the unauthorized use of a member’s membership card; (if we have a bar levy)
(c) exhibits unsatisfactory behaviour, deportment or appearance;
(d) fails to pay dues or any other amount owed to the Club in a proper and timely manner;
(e) fails to abide by the Rules and Regulations established for use of the Club Facilities;
(f) treats the personnel or employees of the Club in an unreasonable or abusive manner;
(g) engages in conduct that is improper or likely to endanger the welfare, safety, harmony or reputation of the Club or its members.
(h) indulges in violent, abusive or threatening behaviour
2. The Club Owners may restrict, suspend, or terminate, for cause or causes described in the preceding paragraph, any member’s privilege to use any or all of the Club Facilities. No member shall be entitled to a refund of any dues or fees as a result of any such restriction, suspension or termination of membership privileges. During the restriction or suspension if dues continue to accrue they must be paid in full prior to reinstatement as a member in good standing.
3. A member shall be notifi ed of any proposed disciplinary action and shall be given an opportunity to be heard by the Club to show cause why the member should not be disciplined in accordance with these rules. If the member desires to be heard, the member must provide a written request for a hearing to the Club Manager / Secretary within fi ve days after the date of the Club’s notice to the member of the proposed action. Upon receipt of the written request for a hearing, the Club shall set a time and date for such hearing, which shall in no event be less than five days after such request. While the complaint is being considered by the Club, the members shall enjoy all membership privileges the member was entitled prior to the complaint.
4. The hearing will be heard by the Management Committee which will consist of two owner representatives and the Club Captain ,Secretary ,
and Chair of Handicap and Competitions. If any of these offi cials are not available then other elected representatives from the Club
Management Committee will be asked to attend. If the matter involves a member from the Ladies Section then the Lady Captain will be invited to attend.
5 The member will be entitled to bring a friend to the above meeting.
6 The Member will have the will have the right of appeal to the Proprietor and the Proprietor the right of VETO to any decisions reached at
the disciplinary hearing..
7 Any member of the Club whose membership has been terminated for any reason other than the failure to meet eligibility for membership
shall not again be eligible for membership nor admitted to use the Club Facilities unless otherwise permitted by the Club.

In Conclusion

There is more information on the website

Armed with the information above, and the booklet stating the contacts for the different sections, you should now be able to take
full advantage of what the Club has to offer and hopefully fulfi l all your expectations.

The Club A.G.M. is normally held on the last Thursday in January. Details of offi cials and information on how to place propositions
for the A.G.M. can be found on the Club notice -board at least 6 weeks prior to the AGM.

The Management Committee meet on the first Thursday of each month. Minutes of meetings can be found in a folder in the Men’s
Locker Room.

The Handicap and Competitions Committee meet on the first Tuesday of each month.

Remember that Golf is a game for Ladies and Gentlemen and traditionally is conducted in a spirit of fair play, good manners and
consideration for others.

We offer you our best wishes for your new membership at Bawtry Golf Club and above all enjoy yourself ....Have Fun!